Parts, equipment and machine manufacturing, industrial automation with short deadlines at a competitive price!
Equipped with state-of-the-art machines, our young, tech-savvy team specializes in the production of unique parts in small and medium series.

What is the biggest problem in the industry?

Most companies want to meet the needs of the 21st century with the technological solutions, tools and attitudes of the last century.

These companies try to solve problems based on what they already know. They think like drivers who rely solely on their routine, driving across stop signs with calm confidence, saying “there was no sign here before”.

What does a modern company need?

Fast and accurate offers!

On-time delivery!

Proper communication!

Reliable, long-term partnerships!

Do you know how much a single minute of downtime costs?

When a partner fails to meet the deadline, you can always find the losses caused by downtime among the unquantified, but not-so-hidden costs.

Days, weeks, or even months can pass…

If your partners meet the deadlines, you avoid downtime, meaning you save money and costs. When it comes to dealing with management and the owners, you will not have to bear the brunt of the problems caused by the delays.

Our team has almost 100 years of experience in the industry, which we now utilize at MetWork Gépipari Kft.

How can we avoid all this at
MetWork Gépipari Kft.?

Modern machines!

With our state-of-the-art machinery, we can meet all demands. We love working with the latest technology that our young employees can get the most out of.

Our factory is equipped with 3D modeling and CAD-CAM workstations, our CNC machines are suitable for running CAM programs and can be used for producing models and documentation sent to us or designed by us. Thus, accuracy and quality are not an issue.

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Fiatal technológiai “megszállott” munkaerő

Fiatal, motivált munkatársaink a technológiai megoldások hívei. Tapasztalt vezetőink segítségével tökéletesen tudjuk ötvözni a szakmai tapasztalatot és a technológiai lelkesedést.

Referencia munkáinkat a gombra kattintva tekintheti meg!

Young workforce “obsessed” with technology!

Our young, motivated employees believe in technological solutions. With the help of our experienced leaders, we are able to combine professional experience with technological enthusiasm.

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Our services

Parts manufacturing

Wire EDM


Equipment manufacturing

Refining 3D surfaces

Laser Cutting

CNC machining

Complete machine construction

3D printing



CNC megmunkálás

Huzal szikraforgácsolás

3D felületek megmunkálása

Komplett gépkivitelezés



3D nyomtatás

In addition to our services, we also provide engineering assistance and consultation so you can find the perfect technical solution.

All our current partners are innovative, precise and professional companies.

The high quality of our work is guaranteed by our long-term partnerships and their trust!

How do we work?

Contacting us is easy!

You can contact us by phone or email, to which we will respond within 24-48 hours on business days or call you back. You can also submit your application using the form on the website, which will also be processed within one or two business days and we will contact you at the time and in the manner that you have specified.

We give you a quick and detailed offer!

After filling out our request for quotation template with all the important technical parameters, we will give you an accurate and detailed offer so that you can easily consider it yourself or present it to the decision makers.

You will not find any distortions, gray areas, or small print in our offers. Our offers are greatly supported by the fact that with the help of our modern CAM system, we can determine the exact machine times.


If you decide you want to work with us, the first step is accurate task support. Based on a jointly agreed and accepted offer, our engineers plan the task using our 3D modeling software. When the concept is ready, we will consult you about the plan.

After the final models are completed, the parts to be manufactured are handed over to the CAD/CAM system, which is used to create the machine manufacturing programs. These are then loaded into our CNC machines that create the parts.

The finished work

We will let you know when the work is done, then deliver the order in the manner and time specified in the contract. We will then jointly evaluate the project.

Further cooperation, coordination of changes

Of course, our primary goal is to build and consolidate long-term partnerships. Thus, after the delivery of the product included in the contract, we can discuss the details of further cooperation, possible changes and modifications – if required, of course – at an agreed place and time.

We will not irresponsibly accept every single project with impossible deadlines!

We do not make the mistakes of over-assuming, missing deadlines or sacrificing quality. We only work with entrepreneurs and businesses where both the company and its leaders base the future of the company on innovation, honesty and professionalism!

You can take our offer seriously. We do not just describe what you want to see during the production only to have just a part of it realized for a much higher price.

Our offers contain exact prices and deadlines!

Request for quotation process


If you want to work with a long-term reliable partner, where modern machines and state-of-the-art software, young, technology-obsessed employees and experienced managers are responsible for your project, ask for a quote and contact us by clicking the button below!


If you and your company believe in open and honest communication, innovative solutions and it is important for you to meet deadlines, then our core values are the same.


You will not lose anything by asking for a quote. You can get up to 100% real offer and advice.

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